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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Skye's science experiment!

Skye's science experiment was an awesome experiment, which involved dry ice. Skye's experiment was showing sublimation. What's sublimation? It is when a solid turns into gas without going through the liquid process. The whole class really enjoyed it, and we would like to thank Skye for bringing forward this amazing experiment!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Welcome back from March break!

I hope everyone has had a great return to school after their March breaks. We were doing so many exciting things leading up to the break that we weren't able to get them all posted to the blog in time.

Today you will have a chance to see some videos taken of our performances last week. I know you all loved our time working with Ana and Amanda, so it will be nice to see our final product!

I also wanted to post a link to our panda bear sing along from last week. My goodness that was a musical week!

Back to Nature -

Mustache Blues -

Panda Vid -

As I mentioned earlier, I was very impressed by the comments that you posted following our Blues in the Schools performance. Your comments clearly demonstrate just how much you appreciated the wonderful opportunity we had to work with such great musicians.

Now it is time to share that gratitude with the people who made it possible. Since we are in the middle of our letter writing activity I think it is time to write some Thank You Letters!

Brainstorm some of the things YOU think should be included in our thank you letters and post a comment below. We will be writing one letter to Ana and Amanda, and another to Lyne Filion who organized the whole Blues in the Schools program for our school.

Friday, 8 March 2013

March Break Reports

With March Break starting this afternoon, and so many people in our class getting to do fun, relaxing, exciting, and unique things over the break, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a place to share your stories!

We have just started our letter writing unit in Language. In our comments below, compose a friendly letter to our class letting them know about your time over the break. Don't forget to follow the expectation of a friendly letter. Include the date, a greeting, the body, a salutation and your name. (I know we don't normally include all these items in our comments, however, I would like to see them this time).

Have a wonderful break and thanks for all your hard work and creativity this week!

Two Hit Wonder

Our class just preformed Back to Nature and the Mustache Blues. The whole school loved the songs! Thank you Ana and Amanda , we had such a fun time. We're not only a one hit wonder we're a two hit wonder!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Music and the Messages

This week in the lab we will be taking a closer look at some songs.

Your first task will be to read through the lyrics of the two songs that we have written with Amanda and Ana. After reading through our first two verses of the song Nature Walk, quietly think about what nature means to you. When do you get a chance to enjoy nature? What is it about nature that is unique or special?

Post a comment below telling us what you would like to hear in our next verse or perhaps the bridge. Remember that Nature Walk is a working title, that means we will continue to brainstorm for a title that we may prefer. If you have any suggestions, post them below.

Once you have posted about our songs, you will have a chance to look more closely at the music of others. Use our Blog list to link over to the Rock of Ages 9-12 blog. Select one of the songs posted on this blog to comment about.

In your comment you will answer TWO of the questions below.
          - What is something you like about the song?
          - What is an inference you can make from the song's lyrics?
          - What is something you find interesting about the song?
          - What is a question that you have about the song?

Remember these posts will be seen by all of the Junior students when they visit this blog. Don't forget to read over your comment carefully and make posts that are both detailed and thorough.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our two new songs!

I Wish I Had a Mustache Too

I know a nasty pirate
His name is Captain Hook
He’s always after Peter
“Aarrgh!” With an evil look
He has a curly mustache
Twirls it with his silver hook

We got the no-mustache blues
We got the no-mustache blues
Ain’t old enough to grow one
Wish we had a mustache too!

You know I love my grandma,
She spoils me night and day
She a motorcycle mama
Nobody gets in her way
She’s got a tickly mustache
She has to shave it every day


I know an ancient master
His name is Sensi-Wu
He uses golden weapons
But he drinks tea too
With a white floppy mustache
He trains his Ninja crew


I know a super plumber
His name is Mario
Trying to save the princess
And his buddy, Toad
His mustache’s made of pixels
It’s right under his nose

I know a givin’ fellow
Some like to call him St Nic
When he’s stuck in the chimney
His reindeer give him a kick
His snowy, blowy mustache
keeps him warm on his trip

The Nature Walk

Don’t you love how the wind blows past your face?
When you’re sitting outside on a sunny day
Kids are laughing
Birds are chirping in such merry ways
Open your eyes, get outside
The trees are calling
So please realize
If we try, we can help nature survive
There’s a quiet when I’m walking in the woods
Snow is falling, feeling warm inside my hood
The deer are leaping
Bears are sleeping
With their families

Open your eyes, get outside
The trees are calling
So please realize
If we try, we can help nature survive

When I’m diving I see the coral reef
Seals are swimming in the deep blue sea
Seaweed swaying
Seahorse playing
In such harmony

 Open your eyes, get outside
The trees are calling
So please realize
If we try, we can help nature survive

 Everyday we can make a change
So it all doesn’t go away

 Open your eyes, get outside
The trees are calling
So please realize
If we try, we can help nature survive

Friday, 1 March 2013

Blues in the school, and in our room!

Today we were very lucky to have Ana and Amanda join us to start our Blues in the School Songwriter's workshop.

We are going to have a great time writing and performing our song next week, but we need your help!

Look at the picture below and start brainstorming ideas for our funny song about MUSTACHES!

Don't forget, we need to hear your loud singing voices next week so belt out some tunes this weekend.