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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Welcome back from March break!

I hope everyone has had a great return to school after their March breaks. We were doing so many exciting things leading up to the break that we weren't able to get them all posted to the blog in time.

Today you will have a chance to see some videos taken of our performances last week. I know you all loved our time working with Ana and Amanda, so it will be nice to see our final product!

I also wanted to post a link to our panda bear sing along from last week. My goodness that was a musical week!

Back to Nature -

Mustache Blues -

Panda Vid -

As I mentioned earlier, I was very impressed by the comments that you posted following our Blues in the Schools performance. Your comments clearly demonstrate just how much you appreciated the wonderful opportunity we had to work with such great musicians.

Now it is time to share that gratitude with the people who made it possible. Since we are in the middle of our letter writing activity I think it is time to write some Thank You Letters!

Brainstorm some of the things YOU think should be included in our thank you letters and post a comment below. We will be writing one letter to Ana and Amanda, and another to Lyne Filion who organized the whole Blues in the Schools program for our school.


  1. For ana and Amanda I think we should include how much we appreciated the time they spent with us!


  2. That we are very glad that Lyne took her time inviteing all these wonderfull musicians and it was a great opportunity working with Ana and Amanda.

  3. I think for Lyne we should thank her for all the work she put into blues in the school!


  4. First of all, I think we should say that it was a one in a life time expereince and say that if Lyne did not organize it so well we could never have let all our talent show.

    Then in Ana and Amanda's letter, near the end, we should say how they have lightend our blues.

  5. I think that with Ana and Amanda's help we wrote two really good songs. I think these were some of the best songs kids might have written. It was fun getting to write a funny song. I really think that it was a good idea to have the students play different instruments. Ana and Amanda are the best musicians I have ever met.

  6. I think we should include in our letter to Lyne that we should thank her for getting two wonderful musicians to come to our school( Anna and Amanda ).

    And for the letter to Anna and Amanda thank you for coming to our scoool and writing wonderful songs with us. It was a great experience for us so I hope you come again!!!

  7. Thank you for helping us. I really liked when we got the ideas from you. My favourite part in the mustache blues is when Felix runs after Peter. And I can't forget about the Nature song that we did. My favourite part in the Nature song is when we did the harmony.

  8. In our thank you letter to Ana and Amanda, I think we should thank them for taking time out of their busy scedules to come and work with us to make those two AWESOME songs. I especially love the Moustache Song because of the mexican intro that Ana did!

    In the thank you letter to Lyne, I think we should tell her how much we loved blues in the schools and working with Ana and Amanda, because all of that wouldn't have been possible without her!

  9. In the letter we should put how much we liked making the mustache and the nature song with Ana and Amanda. For the letter for Lyne we should put how much everyone liked blues in the school.

  10. I think in the letter to Lyne we should write what a great experience we had in the prosess of writing the song and performing it! We should also include how much we appreciate the time and work she put into organizing this oppertunity with Ana and Amanda and the whole week with the other artists and how AWESOME they all are!

    In the letter to Ana and Amanda we should write what an expierince we had working with them and performing! we should also include all the things we loved about the two songs! I think it is very important that we say something about how grateful we are to have them visit us and take their time out of their day to do that!

  11. In the letter for Ana and Amanda we should talk about how cool we thought it was to make up our own songs. We should also include what we learned about it. In the letter for Lyne we should include a big THANK YOU in the end of the letter to thank her for organizing this amazing Blues in the School program.

  12. It was an amazing opportunity to work with such inspiring and talented musicians. But it would not have happend with out lyne and all the sweat and tears,so thank you so MUCH!!!

  13. I our letters we should include that without Lyne organizing
    blues in the schools, we wouldn't be able to create such amazing songs, and being with Ana and Amanda has been an amazing experience, and we hope we can spend another week or two with them.

  14. Thank you so much! I hade such a fun time and learned an easier way to write songs. It's the talent show tomorrow and I hope you can come. Thankyou!

  15. I think that we made an awsome song with Ana & Amanda.
    The mustache blues was so funny! It was a great opertunity to get to make songs with them.

  16. In Ana and Amanda's letter we should write about how much fun we had making up thoes 2 songs with them.

    For Lyne's letter I think we should say how much fun we had with Blues in the Schools and working with Ana and Amanda.

  17. Ana and Amanda (ideas for thank you letter)
    - blues away
    - hope you can come again to our school
    - smiles always are close when you come to our school
    - if you have any more blues we can scare them away
    - thank you for taking time out of your busy life
    Lyne (ideas for thank you letter)
    - thanks for orginizing such fun
    - thanks for your time
    - thanks for choosing such great performers
    - we enjoyed it
    - you're so nice to orginizie this again

  18. In the letter to Lyne I think it should include that we appreciated all the hard work she did and that we loved Blues in the Schools.

    I think that in the letter to Ana and Amanda we should include that we loved the time with them.

  19. in the letter we shoud include that we all appreciate the time that thay spent with us and say a big thank you too ana and amanda at the end of the card.

  20. The song We Are Gonna Be Freinds is so awesome I love it baecause it was funny and it was a hole lot of fun I hope we can do it again. I know that it will be a big hit because we already have more then 100 views!

  21. I think we should thank Ana and Amanda by saying how much fun we had working with them. Then we should tell them how much we learned and how lucky we are and feel for being chosen for this amazing experience! We should thank Lyne by saying how much the whole school enjoyed the whole blues experience!

  22. I was prety embarrased when I saw the video and then when I thought my day couldn't get any worse it was on "youtube" and had already gone from 2-107 views! The reason I disliked it is because I find look a little "SILLY".

    1. Oh, Ellis! I don't think you look silly at all. I think you look very sweet. I think it was hard for you to be on camera alone for so long!

  23. I think in our letter, we should make sure to use proper

    grammar and all of the things we learnd in our writers toolbox.

    also in are letter we could say what we could not have done

    any thing with out Ana,Amanda or Lyne. We should also say

    things like "thank you for all your hard work . we could not

    have done it with out you" !!! <3 <3 <3


  24. Wow, room 312, these are AWESOME ideas! I am so impressed with you. Your songs were amazing, and your gratitude is beautiful! I think your letters will really move Lyne, Anna and Amanda!

  25. I wasn't able to post my ideas because it all deleted[SORRY]