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Friday, 12 April 2013

Outside the body digestive system

Today for science the grade 5's made their own digestive system!
It was really gross and really messy, but it was fun!

First we used our hands for the mouth to represent that we crumbled and mushed together bananas and cookies, we used water for saliva.

Second, we put it in the stomach. For the stomach we used a plastic bag, added stomach acid, but it was really water. After that we shook the bag to dissolve the food.

After that we gave it to the small intestine, a panty hose and added bile, blue water which was from the pancreas, after that we squeezed the water out of it.

Next we put it in the large intestine which was actually was a cup with a hole in the bottom, then we squeezed it out (a.k.a we pooped).

Here is what the procedure looked like:


  1. I can't belive that you guys actualy made poop! Well, at least me and the rest of the grade fours were playing math games in the computer lab.

  2. It was fun but totally disgusting! [see photo 1/.a.k.a funny faces]

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