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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Geographic Regions of Canada

Hi grade 4 students,
In the past few weeks we have been exploring the physical geographic regions of Canada.
Here is a link to a great web site that is full of information on our Canadian geographic regions.
You will need to follow the instructions given to you in class to discover more about these beautiful areas.
Have fun discovering and think of how you are going to use the information you find for our next task in Social Studies.


  1. My favorite region is the plains. I'm extremely happy that the grade fours are working on this unit. The website is amazingly helpful!


  2. I like this website it tells you all about the canadian reigonsw

  3. I like canadian geographic because it shows you about the 6 regions.

  4. I really like this website because it helps when you watsh the slide show cause the pictures tell you alout about the regions.

  5. This amazing website can really help you if you want to reveal the outstanding history of different regions. This website really helps because say,you want to disscover a certain region, you can actualy see what the region looks like without traveling.