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Monday, 3 December 2012

Investigating Government

Hello grade 5 students!

Today in the lab we will be learning more about the Canadian government. You will be using the websites found here to complete your Investigating Government table.

Working with a partner, you will answer the questions asked on your Investigating Government page. Once you have completed your page, you will add one comment to this post telling the rest of the class something interesting that you have learned about one of the three levels of government.

For Municipal government:

City of Ottawa:

For provincial/territorial governments:

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Prince Edwards Island:

Nova Scotia:

New Brunswick:




British Columbia:


Yukon Territory:

Northwest Territories:

For the federal government: (To find your member) and or to learn more about our federal government.


  1. I love the grade five website it is very

  2. I learned that the provincial government meets in the legislative building(it is also called Queens park).

  3. I love the websites like I never knew that the municipal
    govermennt met in city hall.

  4. I learned that the federal goverment takes care of education, health care, and natural resources.
    I also learned where the provincial gov't meets, at queens park.[Legislative building]

  5. I have learned that there are so many leves of goverment MP,MPP....

  6. I have learned many things about Government like where the levels of Government meet(Municapal=City hall,Provincal=Legeslative asembaly of ontario,Fedral=Parlemenit billdinings)and the responsadiliteis of the levels of Government.

  7. I really like this project.I know that Jim wattson is the mayor
    for municipal

  8. I really liked this project. I learned that Jim Watson was the mayor of the municipal goverment.

  9. One thing I learned is that the provincal government takes care of natural recources and health care!

  10. This project was super fun because you can mix 2 things team work and learning about government.

  11. I learned that the provincial government is in charge of of education and health care. I Also learned that the federal goverment takes care of the Canadain military and the post offices and natrual resources.

  12. This project was so fun because you get to learn about three different levels of goverment(Municipal,Provincial/Territorial and Fedral). You also got to learn new things about the levels for example I had no idea that the offical title of the provincail and territorial leader is a premeir the premier is Dalton McGunity!

  13. I love learning new things, because it makes me happy.